Student Life at Ryerson

 Extra - Curricular Sports

At Ryerson, students are offered a variety of physical activites that promote physical fitness and well-being. Some of the extra-curricular sports available are;

Cross- Country



Dance Club

Track and Field

Intramural Recess Recreation



 The Ryerson R and Crest

The achievement of the Ryerson "R" and the Ryerson Crest is a long standing tradition here at Ryerson. 


The Ryerson "R" is available for students in Grade 7 or Grade 8 who have met the following minimum requirements:


1.     Students must achieve an average of 75% or better over the course of the entire year in the

academic subjects of Language, Mathematics, French, Science, History and Geography.

2.     Students must secure a total of 7 credits from the categories listed below. A minimum of credits

must be from Sports/Arts as well as a minimum credits from Service/Clubs. The remaining

credit can be from either of the two columns.


Regular attendance and participation in each activity must be maintained throughout the

designated time period and will be tracked by the teacher who is in charge.

Please be aware that not all of these activities are guaranteed to take place, so plan your year

accordingly; they will be offered so long as there is a teacher who agrees to supervise.


The Ryerson Crest can only be earned in Grade 8.  In order to be eligible for the crest, students must, first, have earned their "R" in Grade 7.  In addition, they must earn another "R" in Grade 8. 


Each year we have approximately 12 to 20 students who achieve this very significant award.


Involvement - Sports / Arts


Service / Clubs


Cross Country


School Council




Office Helpers




Library Helpers




AV Club


Track and Field




Dance Club


Spirit Day


Choreography Club






Dance Committee




Popcorn Committee


School Team Manager




Recess Recreation


Milk Crew


Art Club


Stage Crew


Drama Club


Lunch Helpers


Yoga Club


Safety Patrollers


Ping Pong Club


Bus Monitors


Pizza Helpers


Terry Fox


Jump Rope for Heart





 Clubs and Committees