Numeracy Focus

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The first section of links on this page are about the importance of Numeracy and why these skills are important to our students in today's world. We live in a vast global community which is why we've linked to sites in many parts of the world. Children in every country are working on these same life skills.

In the second section are online interactive math games and activities our students will be using at school, but they may also come to this site and use these same activities to reinforce their math skills at home. We hope you find this page informative and helpful as we spend this year focusing on Numeracy Skills throughout our school. If, in your own Internet searches you find other good educational links we might include here, please send me those links. I'd be happy to include them.


Online Interactive Math Games and Activities:  
  Math Playground - Play with Numbers and Give Your Brain a Workout!  
  Numeracy WebLinks - Primary Ages 4-11  
  ICT Math Games - Numerous Themes  
  Arcademics - Academics + Arcade = Fun Learning  
  Mad for Math - Fun Math Games and Advice for Parents on KS2 Math  
  SumDog - Free Games to Make Math Fun  
  Maths Zone - Interactive Math Games and Activities  
  Bitesize - Primary KS1 Level  
  Primary Games Series  
  Primary Games Arena - Collection of primary Math game to teach the curriculum  
  Teaching Ideas (click the Maths tab)  
  Kiwi Families - School Age Free Maths Games - Website and Link  
  Math Games PBS Kids - Many, Many Links on All Strands and Topics  
  Cool Math 4 Kids - An Amusement Park of Math Games and more....  
  Family Learning - Numeracy Link  
  StudyLadder - Many great activites but requires a login (free however)  
  Crickweb - Free Online Educational Resources  
  Math Frog - Free Math Fun Resources - From U of Waterloo  
  Spy Guys - Grade 6 Math Game - All Key Math Concepts  
  AAA Math - Interactive Arithmetic Lessons  
  Link to Learning - Math - Covers all Math Strands - Many good links here!  
  Math Live - Specific Math Concepts for Grades 3-6  
  Elementary Math Websites To Practice Mixed Operations/Story Problems